For the newbie’s who are looking for a challenge and want to be taken out of their comfort zone!

STRONGER is the original, intense, fun, STRENGTH based, results driven-fitness program.

We burn mucho calories, tone muscle, maximize fat loss, and get you wicked strong-wicked fast!!!!, so not only do you have the muscles to show, you got the muscle that go!

STRONGER coaches help you uncover that STRONGER person living deep within within yourself that you perhaps didn’t know even existed… . The dope beats, crazy futuristic environment, the face melting energy in the club…..its something out of a movie (and about as much fun as you possibly can have without getting into trouble.)

Each session is different. You will never have the same routine — and never get bored. STRONGER sessions are a mix of weights and cardio. there is also a 100% STRENGTH based session– a no cardio option for the days that you can’t do it… or just don’t feel like it.

The Types Of Sessions…

HHH Strength

HHH classes are a 30 minute high intense super fun combination of of cardiovascular work fused with strength training.


Cardio Free…



HHH Workouts combine cardiovascular work with strength training super efficiently in 30 minutes…Strength workouts are 40 minutes of Strength ending with 10 minutes of HIIT.


Arrive 15 minutes early to your first scheduled workout, so we can introduce you to your coach and give you an overview of what to expect. This would be a great time to remind us of any physical issues you may have.



All you need are your work out clothes and your kicks. Leave your brain at the door. We’ve got everything else covered.


There is recovery bar at STRONGER, get PSYCHED, and pre-order your shake so it’s waiting for you after your workout. (Little wisdom here: the ingredients in our shakes help you recover from workouts and avoid being sore. How cool? Buy or bring water. You must hydrate. This is critical for your health. Truth Bomb.



After you receive a vicious high five from your STRONGER coach, spread the love and give one to a fellow member. WARNING…its contagious.


Pick up your shake at our recovery bar, or make one as soon as you get home…timing of protein is critical.


Make sure you have all of your future appointments booked though our STRONGER app. If your having trouble, we are here to help.


Give yourself a pat on the back, We are proud of you…you should be proud of you too.

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Want to get started now…. in just 14 days you will successfully get in better shape and acquire all the tools to take back your fitness.