This is the place where your fitness dreams become a reality. The “I cant’s”, the “If only I’s” or the “Someday I will’s”…are all distant memories of your former self.

Here is where you jump higher , lean out, get healthier and of course become a STRONGER overall human in all aspects of your life. This is what true growth—true change looks and feels like. Here is where you become the strongest version of yourself.

Our workouts are designed to be results driven. The HHH (half hour hustle) workouts themselves are designed specifically for efficiency. The cardio/strength training combinations are proven to lean and tone your body pronto. This isn’t a fitness trend. It’s just science…and it 100% works, period, end of story.. Our STRENGTH sessions are equally efficient though a bit longer (roughly 50 minutes) in duration this is designed to not just lean you out…get you as strong as possible in the process.

Then there’s the “thing” that happens when the tinted glass doors close, the ultra cool lighting hits you face, and the beats start bumpin. There’s a curious yet addictive energy in the club that pushes you one step further. It’s the soul, body, brain revolution that’s uniquely STRONGER.


At STRONGER we take this stuff very serious. We do not have random “instructors” coaching you, We only have qualified Certified Personal Trainers lead and teach all of our programs. ..and it’s our mission to ensure we are all up to date with all of the latest and greatest. All programs are reviewed approved by our super smart advisory board compiled by industry legends.

Through our program you will burn mucho calories, tone muscle, maximize fat loss, and get wicked-strong wicked fast!!!!, so not only do you have the muscles to show, you got the muscle that go!!!!!!


This is more than a random butt kicking workout. It’s a euphoric combination of coach, lighting, beats, the super friendly community in the club that all add to the face melting experience (You may want to bring a welding mask). The training stimulates neurons in your brain and endorphins in your body. Killer tunes drive you to lift, run and push harder than you ever thought possible.

Our signature futuristic inspired clubs enable you to project yourself through the workout into the future person you are aiming to unleash. Stress fades away, and the room becomes an ecosystem of collective accomplishments

sample week

The day by day breakdown

Each day at STRONGER focuses on a different theme. The programming carefully balances opposing muscle groups to ensure your body has the perfect workout, and proper time for recovery. It’s the quickest and safest way to get leaner and STRONGER.



An amazing fun high energy strength based program that will have you sweating and smiling as you leave with an Epic arm and glute pump. Warning-sitting may be slightly painful



We NEVER skip leg day, This strength based total body workout will focus a great deal on everything below the waist  (get your mind out of the gutter)



“Laughter is the best medicine”, but laughter also going to be a little painful after this core focus strength based session. But of “Core”-se you already knew that.



Bad posture sucks, makes us look sloppy and weak backs are the culprit…we have the perfect cure in the form of this Back focused session.



Triceps are 2/3 of your arm, why not put them to work for you? Conquer this session and go home and rip the sleeves off every shirt you have.

Saturday &


It doesn’t get any better than this.

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Want to get started now…. in just 30 days you will successfully get in better shape and acquire all the tools to take back your fitness.